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I've been watching from the sidelines.

Following your shadow,
watching the ice cream melt on your tongue.

Butter Pumpkin is now MY favourite flavour too.

I've tried to reason with myself,
convinced with connivance
when you visit pink powder-puffs,
validated purely for physical pleasures.

If only I was braver,
Instead of the mouse that couldn't.
Do their fingers and tongues make up,
for a lack of wit and finesse?

Mine eyes catch you at gatherings,
hovering around a circle that captivates you.
You are drunk,
and we are besotted.

Nocturnal selves of humans split in two.

Both fraternizing with definitions of mediocrity,
ignorance granting them the gift of a chance with you.

My blind engine pumps harder,
at the sight of you in lonely streets.

Throwing food at wagging tails,
and affection at strangers.

I've stared unblinking from afar,
Flourishing at your leaves and ripening buds.

Bringing myself to conclusion repeatedly,
Imagining your fingers inside me.

Moving as gracefully as you,
Bending only when they need to.

I've schemed to be beside you,
Time and time again.

As the skin on our arms touch,
statically electric,
friction you never notice.

I inhale deeply, storing this smell,
ooh this smell...
Wondrous attraction that magnetizes University corridors.

Pining for a glance from those Gray Irises,
I've stared at the back of your neck with such intensity,
I'm surprised you didn't burn into flames.

Because touching this unrequited texture,
I know we are adjectives for a reason.

Born of a reflection.

And if we can't burn together,
I'll burn alone.
Hitting the East link harder as we pass through
swimming faster each day.
B9CC1D Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nice free verse, reminiscent of Ani DiFranco's "Untouchable Face". I have often found it that American society is based around the idea that you must maintain distance, but you are also making yourself shunned for doing so. This captures several wonderful themes of disassociation, and wraps them as a bouquet of longing and loathing. Wonderful.
felix-bambaboy Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. I would agree with you on the fact that American society is more 'afraid' or 'negative' about things like stalking, or following the person you're attracted to, where as in some other cultures it's sometimes looked on as a kind of courtship, perhaps more reminiscent of animals and their mating techniques. Maybe it's because there's so much in the media about violent stalkers and the like, so people are bound to be cautious.

Anyhow, your last sentence captures this piece better than I ever could. Merci'.
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March 14, 2011
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